This is where I'll be keeping all of my class ideas. It contains names, descriptions, and links to the full classes.

Completed Classes

Demoman (First class, studs need work)

An ex-special forces operative turned mercenary, Demoman is a force to be reckoned with. Demoman is able to wear down opponents at mid range, engaging them with melee tactics once they are weakened. Rushing Demoman and fighting him at close range before he has a chance to use his explosives will ultimately lead to his downfall.


Description: Citadel is an extremely defensive class who uses the power of forcefields to fight. Capable of gifting his defensive forcefields to others, Citadel also makes an excellent team player. While possessing great defense, Citadel has trouble dealing significant damage. However, if Citadel chooses to relinquish his great defense, he is capable of dealing greater damage.

Planned Classes


In-dev, development halted temporarily. See

(Space Class, name indev)

In-dev, development halted temporarily. See

(Mirror Class, name indev)


In-dev, development halted temporarily. See

Possible Classes




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