Fort Alcazar Boss

The red guy. (concept by Aesura, built by Falner)

Avnas's General Statistics

[Stun Threshold] - ???
[Health] - 17000+(# of players*50)
[Damage] - 200%
[Defense] - 140%
[Walkspeed] - 80%
Ability Name Effect Description
Plasma Beam Damage players for low-moderate damage based on how many lasers hit. Avnas aims his plasma beam and fires a few shots at the nearest target.
Metal Storm Damages players for low-high damage based on how many bullets hit. Avnas spins up his minigun and unleashes a barrage of bullets with low accuracy at the nearest target.
Rolling Thunder Damages players for low-high damage based on how many bombs hit. Avnas flies up into the air and drops a salvo of bombs below him.
Jet Booster No effect on players. Avnas jumps a far distance and lands on the ground.
Useful Tips
Classes' Effectiveness

  • Theme Song - .execute by Mick Gordon for Killer Instinct Season Two
  • When the "x" in AXM-Y58 is taken out, it spells out "AMY 58", which is a reference to President Amy, the 58th demon in the Ars Goetia.

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