Tips and Trivia

  • Beckoner's weapon name is Sable Briar.
  • Beckoner is one of four left-handed classes. The others are CommanderBarbarian and Major
  • Beckoner ultimate can be placed down a distance away, and it reaches to about the same range of Beckoner's conflagrate.


  • Beckoner is great at dismantling and crippling the opposing team with his many AoE abilities.
  • Beckoner can be a focused support by helping allies engage fights with Ethereal Kindle, and can also use Light the Way to help remove any debuffs on allies and maintain team homeostasis.
  • Conflagration is not just for a quick source of decent damage; this attack boosts the damage of Baleful Flame, and over time, this extra damage can amount to 200 HP or more.
  • Try to apply Baleful Flame to as many targets as possible, so that mana regeneration can be increased a substantial amount.
  • If caught alone or away your team, using Light the Way on the attacker can help tip the odds in your favor, especially if they come at you with several buffs at the ready.
  • Beckoner can safely apply all of his abilities at a distance from the action, allowing minimal risk for being obliterated.


  • Beckoner is not so hot at personal fights; although Beckoner can stand their ground for a while, once their mana is depleted, they are open for all sorts of trouble.
  • A Beckoner spamming Conflagrate can mean make themself an easy target, as Beckoner depends on their mana to effectively do his job, rendering the opposing team useless.
  • Watch the ground as Beckoner's Ethereal Kindle, Conflagration, and Orphic Ritual all have an indication of where they are going. Effectively dodging these attacks can give you the upper hand against Beckoner.