• Bulbasaur452

    Hello in strife I love using the spectre sword and I want to make some changes first could the spectre sword use insted of mana but pain the meter to use special attacks will slowly fill every strike of a opponent hits it boost the pain meter faster and do slightly more damage. Next I would like to change spirit orbs into spectres pests which is weak souls attack opponenta and takes a while to summon but almost exactly the same as spirit orbs and last changing phantoms mark to phantoms mask (thats all and a waste of time)

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  • RBlitzwolfer

    Class Desc Rewrites

    January 17, 2018 by RBlitzwolfer

    Wielding a sword and shield of ice, Frigost is a sustaining warrior capable of maintaining a fight with any opponent. Frigost's abilities are tweaked to deal good damage to clusters of enemies, even if they try to run away. In addition, Frigost uses walkspeed debuffs as a tool to keep players in close range. Frigost's obstacle, however, is the distance between itself and its enemy.

    Mechanic is a militarist with a mechanical arm, able to produce an armory of weapons from thin air. These armors can enhance an ally's or Mechanic's own fighting abilities in amidst of the battlefield. Mechanic's biggest strength is the ability to adapt in interchanging fights with its armors. Being heavily reliant its armor, a Mechanic without one can be very fr…

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  • Numbee

    Grand tst

    December 25, 2017 by Numbee

    • Grand's blade is named Auswirkung.
    • Grand has a bug where their blade's damage drops to 100% over time.

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  • Numbee


    December 9, 2017 by Numbee

    • Beckoner's weapon name is Sable Briar.

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  • Shin7

    Strife Class Ideas

    May 3, 2017 by Shin7

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  • Evelness12345
    Mechanic or Commander

    With both of them being quite strong, who will win the fight. Comment down below for your opinion! I am sure the mechanic will win.

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  • Maracash73


    March 16, 2017 by Maracash73

    1. Frigost is banned

    2. You may only choose 1 class, but after your first loss you may change. That change is permanent.

    3. The battles will start at 2:30. Your weapon must be unequiped until 2:40, and you can not use any abilitys before hand.

    4. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT LAGGING! If you have to much lag, you will be disqualified.

    5. If someone does not show up, the person they were facing will get a bye. However, if 2 people dont show up in different fights, those 2 will fight. Say Person 1 was fighting 2, 3 was fighting 4, ect until 7v8. If 7 and 2 dont show up, then 1 and 8 will fight, even if its in different brackets. The winners of 3v4 and 5v6 will fight eachother, then the winner of that will fight the winner of 1v8.

    6. You CAN NOT run, but …

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  • TheUnfinishedTitle

    Now, since strife is no where close to done, my predictions may be super off. But here is what I think Strife! will be at the end of it's development.

    1. Mediocre Popularity

    This may be a little hard to understand as it already has a "mediocre popularity." But look at this.
    *How many people play front page games?
    *How many people play Twisted Murderer?
    *How many people even play the damn games?
    You have to thing about those things.
    And with the popularity it has now, it will only grow a slight bit once the full game is released.
    I mean, look at how many people joined the first christmas update!
    Only a mere couple hundred.
    The average amount of people who play strife, as of now, is 200~

    2. More Balancing

    Wih the full game being released, there are goi…
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  • DeathOfMidnight


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  • Sweggo

    Here you will find some of the best balancing ideas. And worst. So well, lets get Started shall we?

    Make Frigost a Tank, make Shield Ice-Explosion AoE bigger, but damage is kinda nerfed, Glacier Shield ground stab's damage is nerfed (39-51), Icicles are bigger with a new animation (Frost Guard's), Absolute Zero explosion radius stays the same but damage is slighty nerfed, Icecles are slower. Now, lets get to the HUGE nerf... Absolute Zero no more hits one time and stuns, but it hits 4 times by dealing medium damage (50-59) by decreasing movement of Enemy and dealing about 40 total stun.

    Nerf base damage, make Fury Hit Blood explosions bigger but nerf damage of them, remove Impact Fist Stagger, Old Punishing blow will be back with a slight ner…

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  • GameboyVersionX

    The Strife! Fanime

    January 1, 2017 by GameboyVersionX

    It's a sequal to the Original... I guess? Idk... The original had disastrous results. I'd probably allow Fan Class Concepts as long as they're decent into the Storyline but the Storyline will mostly focus on the Original Classes (the Original ended up as the exact opposite).


    ~It's the first day of school. The students came in and some seem to know each other. Frigost was in one of the hallways and Tundrus was about to pass him by until they both noticed each other.~

    Frigost: Sup Tundrus! Looks like we see each other again.

    ~Tundrus, Frigost's Childhood friend stopped walking and simply decided to have a Ch…

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  • A Mexican Llama

    Class Concept: Swift

    December 31, 2016 by A Mexican Llama

    Here's the entire concept below:

    Might actually learn how to script in the future, building is e z.

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  • Maracash73

    Attack codes for FPF

    December 31, 2016 by Maracash73

    AC1: Just kill tango somehow

    AC2: Kill tango quietly

    AC3: Hold a public execution

    AC4: Slap tango on the wrist

    AC5: Torture tango in a normal way

    AC6: Torture tango via chinese torture chamber

    AC7: Arrest tango

    AC8: Give tango a warning

    AC9: Almost kill tango

    And possibley the worst one... ACX: Torture tango via forcing them to watch every doctor who movie but stopping the movie just before it ends

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  • Ainxium

    Names of all my classes.

    December 25, 2016 by Ainxium

    These are all the full names of my fanmade classes.


    Rincon T. Dinsost


    Niochlar Hiras


    Rian Stia


    Fionst Drimasl

    Helios Luzari


    Rilo Markaro


    Imber Shui


    Sija Rein

    i probably forgot most of my classes lol

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  • RBlitzwolfer

    Yay, I made a wikia.

    December 21, 2016 by RBlitzwolfer

    Not even close to being done lol.

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  • CatfishZealot

    I just pasted this from the Sievert tutorial xp. Otherwise, even though I have been accused in the past for using this class just because it's overpowered, Obsidian has always been my favorite class in Strife. I like playing classes that are defensive, like most tanks, and I like classes whose skillsets are left solely to the creativity of the player, like Sievert. Combine the two? Obsidian.

    Obsidian is a Tank / Mage class that, unlike most other classes, is a class which is centered around using highly defensive tactics, and rather than having a guard, instead has some of the highest defense in the game. However, that is not all Obsidian has, as Obsidian also has various abilities which are highly useful in any situation, especially in cro…

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  • Gwuhja

    Fan Class Backstories

    November 11, 2016 by Gwuhja

    (You dont have to read it, if you dont want to....dont.)

    In the middle of a grassy field, atop a hill, lay a single figure.

    Nap was napping, like usual.

    With Slumber on his head and Sleep on his eyes, he relaxed, taking a small cat-nap.

    A sudden voice jolted him awake.

    "Hey! Wake up!"

    Nap scrambled awake, flinging his arms and legs everywhere, trying to sit up.

    He heard a girl giggle and frowned.

    "Eh?... I was in the middle of a nap."

    The girl blinked.


    "Its fine..."

    Nap asked a question.

    "So....whats up? Need me for something?"

    The girl blushed.

    "No...Im just kinda lonely here..."

    Nap patted the ground next to him.

    "Here. Sit down."

    The girl nodded and quickly sat down, huddling against Nap.

    ", whats your name?"


    "Well, hello th…

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  • Numbee


    November 10, 2016 by Numbee
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  • Numbee

    spectre ripoff page test

    November 10, 2016 by Numbee

    Honestly a rough draft of what I was going to create.

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  • CatfishZealot

    More of an "evil" class, if you will. Version 0.2

    Well, since Strife already has 4 fighter classes, 4 mage classes, 4 tank classes, and 3 rusher classes (rip Sievert), I thought, "you know what there still needs to be more of? Hexers and support classes!" 

    Moving on, Charnel, despite being a death-like class, much like Anubis and Renegade, is a class more based on the art of haemomancy and horrible incantations which lead to her enemies' doom. Where the other two hexers can apply their debuffs from afar, Anubis casting them almost instantly, and Tundrus with projectiles, Charnel is a hexer that is more oriented towards close range play, but with a vendetta against those who underestimate her.

    By that, although her range and melee capability d…

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  • Numbee

    aa test

    October 29, 2016 by Numbee

    zomg test heres a pic of grand

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  • Maracash73

    18: Nuclear Winter

    October 12, 2016 by Maracash73

    IDK if anyone is actually reading these anymore... also im going back to the paragraph thing AND doing the pros/cons thing.

    Sievert is less if a glass cannon and more of a paper nuclear bomb. In other words, a glassier and cannonier glass cannon. So in order to make sure this class would be able to hit more than get hit, they gave him a bit more melee range and made most of its moves move him. This was a nice balancer, and his Ultimate... doesnt compliment that. Nuclear Winter sounds like an appocolypse, and it kinda is. Sievert raises his toxic wheel above his head and some stuff comes out of it. No clue what it is, but at close range it deals about 25-35 damage. That is, if you are in close range.  The hit box only goes around you, and if…

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  • Maracash73

    19: Savage Wrath

    October 10, 2016 by Maracash73

    Will people hate me for this one? Maybe. Also im doing it now in a pros/cons format

    Pros: Infinite range: This thing goes on forever until it hits a wall

    Great damage: With only 1 ice drake and if all of them hit, it can do 50 damage

    Slows enemy: Slows enemy drastically

    Cons: Small hit box: Small hit box.

    Needs to be charged: This charging time takes about 2 seconds to charge up.

    High end lag: Takes about 3 seconds for the move to end, meaning if you miss you can get punished hard,

    Loss of drakes: This not only uses 50 mana, but you also have to get rid of all of your drakes, which are quite useful.

    Siguations that its useful in: Boss fight (when siegmund is in a long animation), Team fight (when people are ganging up on someone)

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  • Maracash73

    20: Execution

    October 9, 2016 by Maracash73

    People are going to be mad at me...

    Renegade is freaking amazing to play as. Fast, furious, and easy to play. Not very good, but o boi hes fun. Now such a fast character with fast attacks must have a devistatingly quick Ultimate, right? Wrong. Execution does 20 solid damge when the opponent has 31+ hp. 30 or less hp means it does 9999 solid damage. At the beginning of the move, theres even a little pool that sucks in your opponent so that it will hit. This seems amazing, but really, it isnt. Problem 1 is that it is slow. There is alot of ending lag and ending lag is something renegade shouldnt have. Problem 2 is that it only does 20 damage. But it is an insta kill when the victim has 30 or less hp? But the move already does 20 damage. That …

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  • Maracash73

    21: Phantoms Mark

    October 9, 2016 by Maracash73

    Spectre is already quite a bad class. Most bad classes, however, have good ultimates (example: Tundrus). Sadly, this is not the case for Spectre. Phantoms Mark teleports you to the last player to be hit by your phantom, dealing about 25-30 damage and debuffing defence by about 0.15. Sounds great, doesnt it?  Again, this is not the case. Problem 1 is that despite Spectre being a 'fighter' class, it has very bad close ranged abilitys. And this move just teleports you right infront of your oponent. Problem 2 is that you are left open when you teleport to your opponent. And if you have an ultimate ready, chances are they do too. Problem 3 is that it needs 50 mana to be used. While yes, alot of classes do have ultimates that use 50 mana, they s…

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  • GameboyVersionX

    To be deleted later on...

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  • GameboyVersionX

    I got my head handed to me thanks to my insecurities. This Concept was one I actually wanted to share with you guys but I’ve had feelings that you all would go all negative on it (it happened 5x worse anyway). I actually would not really see this Class in Strife (for many reasons) but it was really neat to make (according to myself). Feel free to criticize but if you’re going to hate, keep it to yourself.

    ‘’(Note: I have a strange feeling that I’m gonna regret “re-”posting this)’’

    Class Name: Fluke

    Role: Mage

    Subrole: Hexer

    Weapon: Ben Jr. (A Golden Watch. Worn on her Left Hand)

    Description: A Time Controller & Time Traveler who isn’t really good at Fighter. When Fluke does get into battle however, she’s able to exploit time into her favor bringing …

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  • GameboyVersionX

    Going to be used for something else now rather or something...

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  • Ainxium

    It was a typical day at the middle school, Ending Time.

    People were running about, clearing a path for a certain student.

    Her name was Rincon Dinsost.

    The richest student at school, everyone respected her.

    Not only that, she was the most popular student at school and the lead singer of the school band Kiraso.

    People were constantly asking for autographs, which she never turned down.

    However, her life from that point on started to swirl around.

    Her parents were robbed of half of their money, causing the Dinsost buisness to sink.

    She could constantly hear her parents fighting over the fact that they were not able to gain that money back.

    Frightened, Rincon took all the money she had and ran away from the glorious mansion she used to reside in.

    She eve…

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  • CatfishZealot

    This class idea is scrapped.

    Dagom - Two handed staff with bright yellow crystal ball at one end. 

    - Swings back and forth 2x

    - Stabs after swinging (reduces damage by 0.05 if hits) - Final click unleashes a mini shockwave with high knockback

    - Naturally gives self 0.5 extra defense - Distributes 0.05 per ally

    - Disables Devotion buff

    - Amplifies the effects of ablilities

    - Sends out a slow moving glowing orb that explodes on hit

    - Higher stun rate

    - Removes debuffs from allies

    - Creates a light field

    - Field absorbs all damage for 10 seconds

    - Can be moved if hit w/ staff

    - Absorbs 60% damage from an ally to self

    - Distributes 50% of damage from self to enemy

    - Ends if linked person dies

    - Lasts 10 seconds

    - Buff that gives every ally a bubble

    - Bubble has …

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  • BadgreCatfish15

    Mechanic grabs his gauntlet resting by him, and started working his brand new invention. By the presses of a couple buttons, 2 guns and 3 blades hover around him.

    Mechanic: 'eady, punks?

    Cryo: I got this!

    Cryo rushes in, as he trys to go into monarch mode, hes stabbed and shot.

    Cryo: What the-

    Mechanic continues shooting and stabbing, til the sad cryo was stunned.

    Mechanic: 'Cold Front'? You guys cant 'ven stick together.

    Tundrus: Frigost! Attack! I will snipe!

    Mechanic, now knowing thier painfully obvious strategy, jumped over Frigost and headed toward Tundrus. Tundrus, now know she would soon be face to face with the guy who took out Cryo, shot an icicle out to freeze Mechanic in his tracks. Mechanic jumped easily out of the way, freezing Frigos…

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  • BadgreCatfish15

    The obsidian trys to see who hit him, but he could barely see do to the hit blinding him.

    Obsidian (thoughts): Man... most things never hurt me so much... so much for endurance training...

    He is hit again, only he saw where the blow came from. The person didnt seem to hesitate at all.

    Obsidian: Who a-

    Suddenly, he felt several pains strike him. He fell to the ground. Almost dead, he looked up, only to be hit in the head, dying before his head hit the ground again.

    Meanwhile, over were the Nether was fighting off the ichor:

    Ichor: Please... be a good person, she can heal, i need to have blood. Comprehend?

    Nether: Shut up! She doesnt want to give you her blood!

    Ichor: Most Nethers arnt like this...


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  • BadgreCatfish15

    This is the story of what happens to Classes on Strife! when no one is playing it. Personallities are based off character descriptions.

    It was a calm day at the crossroads. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like this, Nether and his 2 best friends, Obsidian and Abyss, would practice their fighting skills.

    Abyss: What are we doing today?

    Nether: We probably need some food... should we go hunt some Kactus Men?

    Abyss: Surely they are going extinct by now, right?

    Nether: No, Ma'am, Kactus men reproduce asexually and rather quickly, that should be well known by now.

    Abyss: Dont call me 'Ma'am'!

    Obsidian: Gets you ev'ry time.

    Abyss: Lets just get on with hunting.

    Meanwhile, in the forrest the trio were going to go hunting in, an Ichor wa…

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  • SirBaconsALot


    May 21, 2016 by SirBaconsALot

    Hey! I've recently made a forum thing called "Strife! Fanime?" And I want to know what the people out there wants what the Fanime to be. Here's a poll just below.

    And here's a link to the thing. So...#PEASHYMASHTAWAYSHE!

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  • GameboyVersionX

    I created another Class Concept (after "Spines") and it was named "Bomba". I kinda screwed up the posting (I thought I posted it with my own account but it turned out that I posted it as a Wikia Contributer by mistake >_>)

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  • CatfishZealot

    Sievert is a Rusher / Mage class that is based on charging very fast and dishing out constant damage at the enemies. Unlike most other Rusher based classes, it can't as easily gain an advantage over enemies, with a relatively slow normal attack animation and abilities requiring time in order to reach full potention. However, it is not to worry, as often theses abilities will come with a worth while payoff.

    Most of Sievert's abilities are mobility based, especially E + Z, and within mid rads range, has naturally higher speed. This helps Sievert join or run from fights smoothly.

    Unlike most other classes, Rads have a higher limit than the usual 100 mana by going up to 200 rads max. However, the entire bar fills at the same rate. Alongside, usi…

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  • ODDLouie15

    Yes, a random boss idea. I can only post this on blog or no? anyways, a giant kactus man... More aggressive than it's smaller kind. I think this would fit perfectly in the practice area (It's map where it would spawn) in some cases when a player defeats a certain amount of kactus men makes the next boss fight gurantees 100% spawn of the giant kactus man. It's BIG. I don't know if it's current height surpassed Siegmund 's but i think it would be better if it's a bit smaller... 

    The Giant Kactus Man, has a low damage output, because it's just a bunch of kactus man joined together to crush down the killers of their ancestors. It also has high defense when idle, when attacking, and when running or rushing towards a player. Unlike other bosses, Gi…

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  • Dynablox


    March 22, 2016 by Dynablox

    What is Neflhelm's theme?

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  • BadgreCatfish15

    Strife 03

    February 28, 2016 by BadgreCatfish15

    Famous Vulture Quotes And Combacks

    "Its pure skill of I win but if you win you must of hacked" Yah killing someone with half health is skill.

    "I am on mobile so that gives me a right to" Its a choice to play on mobile.

    "Dumb noob its a fighting game" So? Killing people with low health is brutal murder.

    "WHY FRAME ME NOOBS" Facepalm.

    "YOU ##### I WILL #### ALL OF YOUR #####" Stay calm and cool and collected


    "Uh... my wife told me too..." Seems legit

    "I DONT CARE NUB NOT LIKE YOU HAVE A HEALTH CONDITION" 49.67 percent of the world has a health condition.

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  • BadgreCatfish15

    Strife 02

    February 27, 2016 by BadgreCatfish15

    Fenrier: OK! We need a new update for strife! What do we do?!

    Bob: Nerf Trooper again!

    Barbara: Add in Player Points!

    Hopkins: Nerf Barbarian?

    Noobrier (Fenriers evil convincing twin): YOUR DEAD TO ME HOPKINS!

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  • BadgreCatfish15

    Strife 01

    February 26, 2016 by BadgreCatfish15

    So i was playing strife when these 3 hackers appeared. Apparently, there is a strife hack going around that makes you amazing. They said it was pure skill, until i murdered them with tempus. They went "THATS  HAX INPOSSIBLE" (that is literally what they said) and stuff. I said "You hack though" they say "SO U NUB" i say "i beat you and stuff without hacks, and you lose with hacks. whats the lesson?" they reply with "U B SCRUUUB!" annd "YOU MUST HAXED THATS UNFAIR!"


    Wait: Hacker was murdered by a fair player and he says hacking is unfair?

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  • Dynablox


    February 19, 2016 by Dynablox

    Should we create a page that teaches players how to master Strife?

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  • SgtXeno

    Report Function?

    February 15, 2016 by SgtXeno

    I wasn't actually sure where to report an exploiter so I guess I'll just leave this here.

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  • Dynablox

    Soundcloud playlist

    January 22, 2016 by Dynablox

    I'm working on a playlist of all the songs in Strife here:

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  • OfficialMasterPuppet

    So, this is my first time actually making something.

    Anyways, I found a exploiter/hacker. His name was Boo9985. People said that he flew to the lobby and killed people when I asked around.

    I just joined the server and saw him in the lobby with a weapon, then I took a quick screenshot.



    Also, was this a good blog thing I did?? Just wondering, being a newb at this and all.

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  • SparklesChap

    Just comment below on what you want. I might not do it for free. Mostly, I do it for free.

    I don't need your avatar sent to me. I can do that on my own.

    If you want weapons, please give me a model for them. Don't say: "I want a gun"

    Nothing too crazy. I.E. Effects and what not.

    Example ----->

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  • Viperroadster35


    November 20, 2015 by Viperroadster35

    Im making this my work to do blog

    1,finish boss feels1

    2,make race car skins(severit,vulca,tempus,)

    2.1 make a skin that will pierce the heavens

    3,draw somthing that looks kooler than ichorics' stuff

    4, find the class that is the equivilant to proto in black magic (pls help)

    5.get gud

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  • Xanchan

    My roblox name!

    November 1, 2015 by Xanchan

    Its DarkMoonNight!

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  • Ebola 2014

    my goofy blogpost

    October 5, 2015 by Ebola 2014
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  • Haklowtheoverseer

    k dzr has a new 5.0.2 upd8 n reyn probs makin mor updoots

    strief was noice n fun

    1v1 me skrub

    k git gud

    feel fre to maek dank memes

    wil i evr stop

    oen dai

    i wil


    get rekt


    off topic


    rules are ok with me

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