Each class in Strife! is unique in abilities and gameplay. Each comes with unique abilities bound to keys E, Z, X, C, V, as well as a unique passive ability.

The ability bound to E is a gimmick/toggle ability whereas the abilities bound to Z, X, and C are action abilities. The ability bound to V is also known as the ultimate ability, because it usually has a much larger cool-down and deals more damage than the other abilities.

Below is a list of the class subroles that appear in Strife!, linking to the respective classes that are contained within them.

Fighter Classes

Classes that focus on using their combo click attacks to do damage. Their abilities are usually used as utility or for increasing the power of their combo attacks.

Mage Classes

Classes that focus on using their abilities to deal damage with versatile ability sets meant for either great burst damage or damage over time.

Rusher Classes

Classes with great base movement or movement abilities. Rushers are usually focused on burst damage and being able to kill enemies quickly.

Tank Classes

Classes focused on having high defense, crowd control capabilities, and defense buffs.

Support Classes

Classes focused on directly aiding allies, buffing team-mates, and providing crowd control.

Hexer Classes

Classes focused on heavily debuffing opponents; they have high crowd control capabilities.

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