Rules (Only Fenrier is allowed to change the rules)

  1. Respect others
  2. Don't abuse bugs
  3. Don't use derogatory language
  4. Have fair gameplay (keep the groups to a minimum) [no real consequence to this one, just frowned upon]
  5. Don't exploit! (If you friend/support/help/don't report an exploiter, you are his accomplice and will recieve the same punishment, a permanent ban)
  • These rules are ambiguous as it would be impossible to encompass every situation in a small rule list, use your common sense and think before you do something that you know would be breaking the rules.

Current Strife! Staff Members

Username Role Status Duties
Fenrier Creator / Developer Semi-Active made the game.
speedydude900 Developer Semi-active make stuff.
Brannon1964802 Developer Semi-active Class scripting of Beckoner, effects creator, helping out when possible.
fisvhi Developer Active Lead developer of Strife! [Beta]
Flylph Developer Active
Reyne Staff Active Fixing bugs and tweaking classes, memes, helping with bans occasionally.
Mojhar Design Team Active Animations, art, class concepts, map design, floating ominously
kingGosuto Design Team Active Sound director, class designer, video work
robonack Staff Semi-active Bans, making Mechanic balanced, wikia moderation, Trello boards, being the greensteel genius.
Nymint Staff Active ex-developer, script expert, finding the source of the problems and fixing them
papey Staff Semi-active
Archeximus Staff Semi-active
zoa28TheChosenOne Staff Active Map building.
nicholaz Staff Active Bans, Trellos, Wikia memery, bug reporting.
JackOfMostTrades Staff Active Sound, music, class concepts, bans.
Falner Staff Semi-active Numerous skins, bans, and class creation.
antiXemnas Staff Semi-active Bans, class concepts

Inactive / Retired Staff Members

Username Role Status


Arlikas Staff Inactive
Golden_God Staff Inactive
sytrickzero Staff Inactive
Arch_Mage Developer Inactive GUIs
TheClassyDemon Staff Suspended
CapriHellsing Staff Suspended
ParadoxofLife Staff Suspended
DoogleFox Staff Suspended
PIasmus Staff Suspended
DahNoob Staff Suspended
AzureObscurity Staff Banned admin abuse is bad. ;hole especially
Venatator Staff Suspended
Qaeo Staff Stepped Down
Reece0203 Staff Stepped Down
Robloxshathelper Staff Stepped Down
Ghosdeeri_King Staff Stepped Down
LightlessDestruction Staff Stepped Down
r4x0r2 Staff Stepped Down
SuperCloud9 Staff Stepped Down
GravityNick2 Staff Stepped Down
PhilTH Staff Stepped Down
Avaxus Staff Stepped Down
Ripik Staff Stepped Down
BALLWATER13 Staff Stepped Down
Bluesect Staff Stepped Down (Before leaving) Bans, bug reporting, suggestions
SazErenos Ex-Dev Retired tweaking classes
OniTaiji Staff Suspended
LEMIN1 Staff Suspended
Aesura Design Team Stepped Down Art and class concepts
Aeidge Staff Suspended
DailyHermanny Staff Suspended Bans, scripting help.
  • Private message antiXemnas on Roblox with the name of your wikia profile in the contents so I can permit you to edit your pages on the wikia.