Hello. This is my first class concept. Good to have you here. I found this concept on a server of strife where a group of players had the idea of a Yo-Yo class, so i'm going to try and do my best to dream one up.

The weapon on Yo Yang would be a large disc on a rope/chain of sorts. it would attack with them normally by beating it against someone barbarically.

The type of this class would be a fighter, and sub-type would be mage

It's passive would be a new bar called balance. This bar fills when out of combat for more than 3 seconds. This bar increases your defense and attack damage, however, depletes quickly when you enter combat.

It's E would allow for it to lay down their disc and levitate above it. While in this stance, it will stop regenerating mana. Any normal attacks performed now will shoot a energy orb at the cursor's position, doing low damage, but decreasing the hit enemy's defense, making them easier to kill. Once they hit E again or run out of mana, they will leave this stance.

It's Z would have it lash out it's Disc at someone. If hit, the enemy takes heavy damage. if missed, the player temporarily looses speed and attack speed, but the attack dose not receive cooldown.

It's X would have it throw it's disc as a boomerang, and on hit giving massive stun. On miss the attack will come back to the player, stunning them for a few seconds.

It's C would have it send the disc in a circle from it s side to the other side, and anyone caught in this circle in-front of them will be dragged towards them.

It's V would have it fill it's mana and balance, remove all debuffs, heal back 50% HP, and give it a short speed boost.