Only a few classes are in here.

Global, No more double the buffs when in a team, already annoying when fighting that support class who can take on 2 people easily because of it.


Obsidian's Walkspeed: No longer gets Walkspeed Debuff. Obsidian with 2 Defense is 0.6 around 1.17 Defense is around 0.87 WS, it doesn't need to be affected by WS debuffs like Grand.

LMBNo changes/tweaks needed 

Energy Ball: Direct Impact deals a bit less Damage and no knockback(Why does it even have knockback?)

FissureNo changes/tweaks needed

Reinforce: Obsidian will gain more defense if someone is attacking while in Reinforce. [0.15 each hit, does not include abilities that ignore defense]

Obelisk Hop: No longer physical 

Q Ability?: Obelisks would pull allies instead of enemies while gaining defense when placed. 


Guard+: If not too hard to script, ANYONE inside Guard+ wouldn't take damage from AOE attacks.

LMB: Stun damage reduced, deals less knockback. 4th Combo only hits at most 3-4. 

Tortoise Shell: Omega cannot be knockbacked or staggered("Omega shields his entire body with a tortoise shell in the shape of a ball"), it takes a brief moment to go in Tortoise Shell and get out of it. If you're in it for more than 7 seconds you'll gain 0.2 Defense.

Omega Stance

You must complete Omega Stance to use C and V

Using W or S will remove a tiny fraction of a cooldown to C and V 

W: Should travel farther and deal more stun damage with knockback

S: Deals less stun damage and debuff cannot stack

New While on Omega Stance: Omega does 4th Combo doing at most 6 hits (This be added when Omega's 4th combo is nerfed) (Should be named Drill)

New While on Omega Stance: Omega consumes all X and V's cooldowns to gain actual Tank Defense [Gains 0.5 Defense] (Should last until V is 3/4s ready

StompNo changes/tweaks needed 

BusterSlam: UM...> < looks good.....2/3 of the animation time? 


LMB: Knockback is reduced except for Kick

Ichor's Transposition: Higher chance to heal allies, cannot heal them if under 20 Hp but will still give them defense. Higher chance of Damaging enemies, cannot Damage them if under 60 HP.

Fury FistNo changes/tweaks needed

Fury Fist with BloodNo changes/tweaks needed

Blood Bind: No changes/tweaks needed

Assault: Doesn't pull enemies towards you(Why does it have pull?)

Impact Fist:  AOE is extremely small, being staggered when performing that ability will only take half of the cooldown. 

PunishmentCannot be parried, the first step seems more like a grab than a punch. Ichor cannot be parried/staggered when in use.

Ichor's Q?: Ichor will use his blood to gain Mana and Health [6 Blood= 4 Mana and 2 Health] (Takes a while to Transfer) 


Block: Pressing E will work like Fenrier's Guard rework 

Frigost's Q?: Does like normal Frigost's Block 

Icicle: Hitbox is a little smaller, stun damage decreased

Shatter Sword: Cannot be parried, stun damage decreased

Glacier ShieldCannot be parried or knockbacked

Absolute ZeroNo longer Physical


Better Equip Animation: Wings are not visible, when equipping wings slowly fade-in being visible.

Better Unequip Animation: Wings poof(some feathers drop) and Cherubim is placed in its back.

Mode Change: Takes 2 seconds to switch Offensive to Defensive and vice versa.(Better animation too?[Wings poof when switching and slowly fade-in going to Offensive or Defensive])


LMB: On 4th combo's AOE deals less stun damage 

Support Wave: Radius decreased by 20%, deals A LOT less damage 4-7

Guardian Dash

X+X: Gains 0.3 Defense and goes as far as 25 studs.

On-Click: Can no longer click on enemies, Allies gain 0.3 Defense while Commander gains 0.15 Defense. If failed or canceled, Commander loses 0.15 Walkspeed.

DecimateNo changes/tweaks needed

Critical PointNo longer Physical


LMBStun damage decreased

Support Wave changed to Rally: Doesn't deal Damage to enemies. The buff to itself is 0.2 Damage lasting as much as Support Wave does(14 seconds), IF on a Team, Rally gives allies .1 WS buff and 0.2 Damage. Commander cannot gain the WS buff, only its allies can. (Animation should stay the same)

Guardian Dash

X+X: Gains 0.05 Damage and goes as far as 40 studs.

On-Click: Can no longer click on allies, Staggering enemies doesn't debuff their Defense anymore. Commander gains 0.05 Damage and no Defense. If failed or canceled, Commander loses 0.15 Walkspeed. 

DecimateNo changes/tweaks needed

Critical Point: Deals more Damage but counts as Physical. (If not too hard to script)


Passive Tweak: If Vulca is lower than 50 Z and X won't buff Vulca's Damage anymore but it won't debuff Vulca's Defense either. It will rather do DOT(Damage Over Time) doing a burn affect. Under 25 DOT will last longer.

LMB: Damage NERF, 1st/2nd combo deals less damage than the 4th[1 Damage 6-9](If you see Vulca swinging Berzerk Blade you would see not much force being brought into it while the 4th is using full force to get that damage), 3rd combo cannot be parried(For some reason 3rd combo can be parried), 4th combo deals less damage [1 Damage 10-12 ^ 1.2 Damage 11-14 ^ 1.3 Damage 12-14 ^ 1.5 Damage 14-16 ^ 1.8 Damage 15-22] 

Gun Stance: Knockback stays(It's the only Defense Vulca has when fighting others), Damage reduced[1 Damage 7-10 ^ 1.2 Damage 9-12 ^ 1.3 Damage 9-13 ^ 1.5 Damage 10-15 ^ 1.8 Damage 15-19], debuff is shorten by 2.5 seconds. 

Fiery Wave: No changes/tweaks needed

Fiery Wave under 50 HP: Vulca will NOT lose Defense or gain Damage, anyone who gets hit will be burning for 7 Seconds. [1 Second= FIXED 1-2 Damage]

Fiery Wave under 25 HP: Vulca will NOT lose Defense or gain Damage, anyone who gets hit will be burning for 10 Seconds.[1 Second= FIXED 1-2 Damage

Red Field: Radius shortened by 30%, takes 1 second to get the Blade off the ground

Red Field under 50 HP: Vulca will NOT lose Defense or gain Damage, anyone who is in the radius will be burning for 5 Seconds. [1 Second= FIXED 1-2 Damage]

Red Field under 25 HP: Vulca will NOT lose Defense or gain Damage, anyone who is in the radius will be burning for 12 Seconds. [1 Second= FIXED 1-2 Damage] 

Red ImbueNo changes/tweaks needed

Power of RedNo changes/tweaks needed


Passive Tweak: Nether now has 1.1 Defense, 0.8 Damage and 0.9 WS on 100 HP, Nether will lose WS and Defense depending on its HP but will gain 0.2 Damage each time HP drops by 40.

LMB: 4th Combo deals no knockback

Katana Poise: If Void Katana is pointing forward Mana will stop regening.

Void Katana behind the user

Void BusterNo changes/tweaks needed

Void Orb: Debuff is shorter

Pulse Field: Buff lasts 4 seconds longer 

Void Breaker: No changes/tweaks needed

Void Katana pointing forward

Precise Hit: Unparry-able

Slice WaveUnparry-able, debuff is shorter 

Sonic StrikeUnparry-able

Void BreakerNo changes/tweaks needed


LMBNo changes/tweaks needed

MeditateNo changes/tweaks needed

Arcane Orb: No changes/tweaks needed

Critical Hit: Debuff lasts longer, Abyss cannot be knockbacked in the process

Plasma HoleNo longer stops dashes

Retribution: Damage reduced and Defense debuff 0.2 instead of 0.3, but will last 4 seconds each and Hitbox is larger.


LMB: 4th Combo cannot activate Time Crack

Temporal ImageNo changes/tweaks needed

Clock: Radius is shorter.

Graviga: Debuff lasts longer but damage is reduced.

Time CrackNo changes/tweaks needed

Temporal StunNo longer physical