A supportive warrior that wields a Gungnir with the capability to change its offensive and defensive power. Commander is a unique class that can perform as any role in a team. Commander buffs allies and itself to a large proportion in total if given the time. Alone, Commander packs sheer power with its buffs, with abilities to engage enemies easily. While Commander overpowers enemies with its pure power, Commander without buffs is inferior to most classes.

Main Stats








Guardia (Passive)

[Defensive Mode] Commander radiates a divine aura, increasing nearby allies' defense depending on how low Commander's health is.

[Offensive Mode] Commander radiates a divine aura, increasing nearby allies' damage depending on how low Commander's health is.

Mode Change (E Ability)

Commander changes modes to either Defensive mode (wings folded) or Offensive mode (wings extended). Commander starts as defensive mode when spawned.

Support Wave (Z Ability)

[Defensive Mode] Commander slams their Gungnir into the ground, creating a shockwave that buffs themselves and nearby allies, increasing defense by +15% for 8 seconds. Support Wave's buff gets stronger if Commander is debuffed in defense, but will get gradually weaker if their defense is already buffed over Support Wave's amount.

[Offensive Mode] Commander points their Gungnir toward the sky, creating a shockwave that buffs themselves and nearby allies, increasing damage by +15% for 8 seconds. Support Wave's buff gets stronger if Commander is debuffed in damage, but will get gradually weaker if their damage is already buffed over Support Wave's amount.

This buff won't stack with other Commander's buffs, but the duration of the buff can still be refreshed.

Guardian Dash (X Ability)

Commander prepares one of two dashes. If Commander presses [X] again, they'll lunge forward and strike any enemy in their way. If Commander strikes an enemy within the first few moments of the dash, the enemy will be Staggered! If Commander presses [MOUSE1], they'll fly towards the mouse cursor until they collide with an enemy, tire out their wings, or if they press [MOUSE1] again. Commander's wings tire quicker when moving upwards. Any enemy Commander collides with will take damage.

Decimate (C Ability)

Commander jumps into the air and points their Gungnir toward the ground. When Commander hits the ground, they create a small shockwave that knocks enemies back, decreasing their movement speed by -10% for 14 seconds. Consumes 20 mana. Cooldown is 14 seconds.

Critical Point (V Ability)

Commander points their Gungnir toward the sky, charging their ultimate move. After 1.5 seconds, commander unleashes a large AoE blast that greatly knocks back enemies and deals high stun to them. Consumes 50 mana. Cooldown is 57 seconds.

Click Combo Damage

Defensive: 47 to 52 | Offensive: 57 to 79


Click Combo

Commander CC2
Commander CC1

Mode Change

Commander E

Support Wave

Commander Z2
Commander Z1

Guardian Dash

Commander X2
Commander X1


Commander C

Critical Point

Commander V

Weapon Models Edit

  • Commander's spear when sheathed.
  • Commander's spear when equipped.
  • Commander during Guardian Dash.
  • Commander's spear from the side. There are two wings on each side.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • The tool name for Commander is named Cherubim, which is a term for 'winged angelic being', hence the wings on the weapon model.

  • Commander's passive, "Guardia", had a different passive in the Pre-Alpha stage of development. It still the same ability to change between Attack/Defense form, but instead of allies' stat boost, it was a switch between major attack/defense stat boosts. This prior passive had made Commander overpowered for a support role even when Fenrier lowered it's stats. This had resulted in Commander having it's passive changed into a stat boost for its allies and made Commander more balanced further into development.
  • In Update 6.6.15, the update mostly nerfed Commander, due to Commander's range being too overpowered and made Commander's Guardian Dash cost mana during flight.
  • In Update 11.15.16, Commander's passive and Guardian Dash were changed. Commander was mostly nerfed.
  • Commander is one of four left-handed classes. The others are BarbarianBeckoner and Major

Strategies Edit

  • When playing as Commander, you should be strategic about the mode you have on. Defensive mode is to defend from light, but rapid hits. Offensive mode is to take down heavy hitters.
    • Take note of the situation you're in as well. Are you charging into battle or are you defending your turf? Do you want to kill the opponent as fast as possible or maintain control over the fight? It is highly recommended you should be constantly changing modes, depending on the situation and your plan.
  • Critical Point is a great turn of the battlefield if used correctly. Use when you think the opponent's dashes or defense abilities (such as Frigost's Guard) are in cooldown. Decimate's walkspeed debuff will increase the chance of hitting your opponent.
    • Take note that Critical Point can be used defensively. If you are being rushed by damage, use Critical Point to surprise them!
  • Defensive Mode decreases the stun bar faster than the offensive version. Use this after a fight or against a Barbarian.
  • Use Support Wave only when the opponent isn't quickly attacking you. You could sustain a few blows during this ability, but it is recommended to use it before a fight or when the opponent is in a tricky situation (such as lack of mana, abilities in cooldown, etc.).
  • Guardian Dash (X + Click) can be used for homing onto running enemies, ambushes, or helping an ally in need. Guard Dash (X + X) can be used quickly when an opponent is charging towards you or to catch the opponent in a short distance.
  • Decimate can be best utilized by aiming for your opponent's head, allowing you to bounce off of them, furthermore allowing you to combo more skills or throw them off by landing behind them and attacking.
  • Engaging a fight with Decimate lowers the opponent's speed, allowing you to land combo attacks afterwards easier.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Take note of Commander's Guardian Dash. For the attack to stagger it must be at a close range, and being far enough to where you can at least avoid the stagger can be troublesome for Commander.
  • Take note that Commander's damage/defense can increase based on how low Commander's health is.
  • It may not seem like it but Commander has a weakness against any kind of ranged classes. Trooper, Vulca, Mechanic, etc. Staying far away from a Commander can result in a huge mana loss for them trying to use Guardian Dash. It also helps in keeping your distance from critical point.
  • Classes that have high rusher potential would overwhelm Commander, with having no chance of attacking back with such speed due to moderately high cooldowns and a slow attack speed.
  • Attack when Commander is in the middle of Support Wave, as they are stuck in that animation for a second or two. Additionally, you can also try to stun the Commander while they are using Critical Point, as running away usually is futile since the range is surprisingly large, so attempt to deal some damage while you can.