Stun is a game mechanic in the game, used for making a player immobile during a fight by attacking several times or by huge AOE damage (i.e. physical abilities, standard attack combos, specific abilities, ults, etc.), making the game slightly more realistic.

The Stun Bar

The Stun Bar is a bar that is featured in all classes, shown in the left side of the screen. Its appearance is a tall, black bar (the same length as the mana bar), slowly filling up with a yellow bar as the player gets attacked more.

Various classes (Grand and Omega specifically.) are capable of withstanding more stun than normal.

If the player is constantly attacked, the player's stun bar slowly fills up in a small, random amount, depending on how much force or kinetic energy it produces in real life. Once the stun bar gets to 100%, the player is knocked down, becoming immobile and unable to activate any abilities. This only lasts for 4 seconds before the player gets up and resets the stun bar.

The Electrical Wall

The Electrical Wall is a wall used to keep players in the map and avoid falling out or getting out of the map. When a player touches the Electrical Wall, the player is stunned, followed by a debuff of 20% to defense, damage, and speed.


When stun happens, the player lies on the ground. Either the player lies down in a sleep position or the player lies down with the head face-planting to the ground.

  • The Stun Bar used to be between the defense stats and the walkspeed stats. This was now changed and relocated at the left side of the screen and replaced by the Health GUI.
  • In Update 4.24.15, players can no longer jump when stunned or staggered.
  • In Update 4.25.15, Fenrier fixed the controls glitching/breaking on stun death.
  • In Update 5.3.15, controls no longer break when your character resets while being stunned.



Stagger is a game mechanic where the character is knocked back into a sitting position. Like stun, staggers are a mechanic where the character is incapacitated, but the stagger does not need a bar to be filled up in order to execute the stagger animation. Staggers last for 3 seconds.

Stagger occurs when a character hits an enemy with skills that render enemies Staggered. Ichor's Impact Fist and Frigost's Glacier Shield are abilities that can stagger enemies.


When the character is staggered, they are briefly knocked back and put into a sitting animation, with their weapon in their hand, resting on the ground. The left leg is usually diagonal, as the right one is usually straight out.



Off-balance is a status effect that, similar to a stagger and stun, prevents a player from attacking or using abilities for a short period of time. However, off-balance is shorter than stagger, and has a variable amount of time dependent on what skill is used.


While off-balanced, the character goes through a slipping animation.



Suppressed is a status effect which stops a player from attacking or executing an ability. Suppressed has a higher priority than stun, as it is the only status effect that can force players to immediately stop using an attack that can be devastating.


While the character is suppressed, it goes into a locked position as if they're standing still, but without any body movement.



Timelocked is a status effect exclusive to Tempus that halts the animation, movement, ability cooldowns, and health and mana regeneration of a player for a period of time. If a player is timelocked while they are in the middle of using an ability, they will be stuck mid-use until they are no longer timelocked, where they will continue using the rest of their ability normally.

As of now, the only way a player can be timelocked is if they are hit by any of Tempus' skills.


While timelocked, all of character's animations are halted, making them look completely frozen in time.