Desert Dunes


PLEASE NOTE: These pictures are not up to date!


Desert Dunes is a map made for Strife by Archaic0.

The map favours long-ranged classes, but also provides a lot of cover to hide behind.

The pit in the middle of the map is great for classes with high damage, as it is difficult for players to dodge your attacks.

The Halloween version of the map is named Haunted Hallow.

Music Played

Super Street Fighter 4 - Vega's Theme (Desert Dunes)

Kill la Kill - Sanageyama's Theme (Desert Dunes)

HalcyonicFalconX - Travel of Vagabonds (Nighttime Desert Dunes)

HalcyonicFalconX - Acruta Lao D'nor (Nighttime Desert Dunes)

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