Forgotten Hill


Forgotten Hill is a map made for Strife by speedydude900. Siegmund is the boss of Forgotten Hill.

A Kactus man can be seen inside a coffin in the far corner on the hill.

This map is one of the two following maps released in the development stage of Pre-alpha with Crossroads being the first map to be released before Forgotten Hill.

Music Played

Final Fantasy III - Battle 1 (Forgotten Hill)

Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A (Forgotten Hill)

HalcyonicFalconX - Moonlight (Nighttime Forgotten Hill)

NemesisTheory - Rose At Nightfall (Nighttime Forgotten Hill)

Final Fantasy IX - The Final Battle (Siegmund Boss Fight)

Final Fantasy VIII - Force Your Way (Siegmund Boss Fight)

  • Omega can easily escape from battles by using his Tortoise Shell ability to roll off the hill.
  • Sometimes, in holiday/festive updates, the dead Kactus Man resurrects from the dead and wanders off to a hidden spot in the map. This purpose is usually for decoration.