Tips and Trivia


  • Gneiss is best played at mid-range. Fault Line and Tectonic Shatter deal more damage depending on how far enemies are in each move's radius.
  • Use Seismic Rush to chase down enemies who try run from the fight, don't use it to initiate a fight.
  • Make sure to save your Tectonic Shatter or your Seismic Rush for the finishing move when enemies are about to run away after being hurt.
  • Stay on ground before performing Fault Line and Tectonic Shatter.
  • Due to Gneiss being immobile to all it's abilities and good at mid-ranges, after using all the abilities, try to melee the enemy you're fighting with to save your abilities for the next fight.


  • High DPS and Mobility classes can get in Gneiss' unpreferable range, dodge its' attacks, and can shred Gneiss.
  • Take note that Gneiss's attacks deal the most damage when you are far away from the center of the attack. Avoid keeping your distance away from Gneiss if you aren't a ranged class, thinking you can chip off its health.
  • Most abilities Gneiss activates can be easily avoided by going behind Gneiss, opposite of the direction of the attack.
  • Hold your staggers until Gneiss gets over 50% of its stun. You can see your opponent's stun by looking at the top of their head, below their health bar.