Gneiss is a tanky mid-ranged hammer-wielding warrior that harnesses the power of the earth. Gneiss' main boon in a fight is to round up the enemy team and deal heavy disruption and consistently high damage. A few of Gneiss' particular downsides are that it doesn't have any form of high priority CC and is a little slower than most classes.
Main Stats








Stoneforged Armor (Passive)

Gneiss recovers stun by doing damage to enemies and ignores Off-Balance and Stagger while below 50 Stun. Gneiss does not have regular Stun decay, however. Furthermore, Gneiss periodically conjures Rocks to orbit around him. Each Rock gives 25% bonus defense and you can hold a maximum of two.

Quakehand (E Ability)

Gneiss infuses the hammer with a rock, giving combo attacks extra stun and enhancing the next ability.

Boulder Smash (Z Ability)

Gneiss breaks off a piece of the earth from the ground, causing a boulder to float in front of him. Gneiss can then choose what to do with the boulder from then. [Z]: Gneiss will shoot the boulder forward with his hammer, doing damage to the first enemy hit, knocking them back and then striking behind in a cone, doing damage to any behind that enemy. The enhanced version will cause the first enemy hit to become thrown Off-Balance and the cone will be larger. [Mouse1]: Gneiss will smash the boulder, doing strong damage to enemies in front of Gneiss and knocking them backwards. The enhanced version will do significantly more damage and knock the enemy up. Uses 15 mana with a cooldown of 10 seconds for both versions.

Fault Line (X Ability)

Gneiss will deliver a powerful stomp, shattering the earth in front of him. This does damage to enemies based off of how far away they were from the initial stomp. The enhanced version will cause the broken pieces of earth to detonate, doing damage once more and pull enemies towards Gneiss. Uses 20 mana with a cooldown of 16 seconds.

Seismic Rush (C Ability)

Gneiss lunges forward, striking the enemy with a shouldercheck that does damage based off of distance traveled. Gneiss follows up with an uppercut from their hammer, doing more damage and knocking the enemy upward. The cooldown is lessened if you sucessfully hit the enemy. The enhanced version will cause a pillar of rock to rise upwards from the hammer uppercut, doing damage once more, knocking the enemy upward again and causing them to go briefly Off-Balance. Uses 25 mana with a cooldown of x seconds.

Tectonic Shatter (V Ability)

Gneiss strikes at the ground with unimaginable force, causing the very ground around to break apart, doing heavy damage to enemies based off of how far they were from Gneiss, knocking them upwards. Upon usage, Quakehand immediately activates Using an ability before Quakehand ends will stay with Gneiss instead of depleting it. Uses 45 mana with a cooldown of 28 seconds.

Click Combo Damage

51 to 72

Animations Edit

Click Combo




Boulder Smash


Fault Line


Seismic Rush


Tectonic Shatter


Weapon Models Edit

  • Gneiss' weapon when not in use
  • Gneiss' Earthforge when equipped
  • Gneiss' Earthforge when imbued with Quakehand
  • Other side of imbued Earthforge
  • Gneiss' floating rocks
  • A Rock that Gneiss uses.

Tips and Trivia Edit

Strategies Edit

  • Gneiss is best played at mid-range. Fault Line and Tectonic Shatter deal more damage depending on how far enemies are in each move's radius.
  • Use Seismic Rush to chase down enemies who try run from the fight, don't use it to initiate a fight.
  • Make sure to save your Tectonic Shatter or your Seismic Rush for the finishing move when enemies are about to run away after being hurt.
  • Stay on ground before performing Fault Line and Tectonic Shatter.
  • Due to Gneiss being immobile to all it's abilities and good at mid-ranges, after using all the abilities, try to melee the enemy you're fighting with to save your abilities for the next fight.

Weaknesses Edit

  • High DPS and Mobility classes can get in Gneiss' unpreferable range, dodge its' attacks, and can shred Gneiss.
  • Take note that Gneiss's attacks deal the most damage when you are far away from the center of the attack. Avoid keeping your distance away from Gneiss if you aren't a ranged class, thinking you can chip off its health.
  • Most abilities Gneiss activates can be easily avoided by going behind Gneiss, opposite of the direction of the attack.
  • Hold your staggers until Gneiss gets over 50% of its stun. You can see your opponent's stun by looking at the top of their head, below their health bar.