Kactus Man
The Training Dummy

The Kactus Man were the only NPC (non-playable character) in the Training Area. Its only purpose was to serve as a test dummy for other players. It, alongside with the Training map, were removed on March 16, 2018.


Kactus Men are characterised by their square heads and green skin.


A Kactus Man wearing a spooky hat during the Halloween Update.

The Kactus Man resembles a normal Robloxian, having green on all limbs with a square head that appears to have no face.

As you can see in the right side of this body of text, the Kactus Man's figure and apparel is rather simple.

Also, Kactus Man has the normal ROBLOX animation as well, as well as the same stagger and stun animation from a recent update after the Thanksgiving Update.

Sometimes, the Kactus men wear traditional/holiday hats in part of a holiday, such as the Halloween update, for example, where the Kactus Men wore Halloween/spooky masks. In addition, sometimes Kactus Men will change their color completely, as shown in the Valentine's Update in which a pink Kactus Man will (rarely) spawn in the Training.


As you may had read in the summary, their only purpose is to serve as a test dummy, featured in Training, for other players who are new to the game.

RobloxScreenShot10162015 221355271

A normal player who is in Training, filled with Kactus Men.

To make it efficient for players to test their classes' attacks and abilities, Kactus Man have the standard/normal fighting statistics (which includes 100% defense, 100% damage, 90% walkspeed, and 1,000 HP. However, Kactus Men cannot attack, both standard attacks nor abilities.

Currently, there are two kinds of Kactus Men; standing and walking. The walking Kactus Men are found at the edge of the training map, whereas the standing are found by the center of the training area.

In addition, Kactus Man scream in agony every time they get hit, which is used for comical use.

Ultra Kactus Man

Ultra Kactus Men are like Kactus Men, only they have neon (glowing) body parts.

They have 10,000 HP instead of 1,000 HP. These Kactus Men also regenerate 100 health instead of 10 health. Ultra Kactus Men are mainly used for testing out certain combos or for those who don't want their Kactus Men to easily die.

  • They occasionally walk off of the training map if attacked near the edge as their attempt to run away.
  • Kactus Man was a joke started by speedydude900 when he forgot to remove them after finishing a map.
  • This is the first NPC enemy who does not attack other players.
  • A Strife! team was formed by Redtidalwave called "The Kactus Men" as a reference to Kactus Men.
  • As of 10/29/15, Kactus Men wore random and 'spooky' hats everytime they spawn. However, they stopped wearing hats after the Halloween Update.
  • In the Thanksgiving update, Kactus Men wore pilgrim, native american, and turkey hats. Again, they stopped after the Thanksgiving Update.
  • In the Christmas update, Kactus Men wore christmas ornaments and presents as hats. However, they will be removed after the Christmas update.
  • The Kactus Men appeared as a billboard advertisement in Crossroads during the Christmas Update. It showcases the Kactus Men being on sale for 69 'Kredits' instead of 100.
  • There is a Kactus Man dead in a coffin located in Forgotten Hill.
  • In the Civil War update, if you push a kactus man into a propeller, you will see that its blood is black and green colored.
  • In the Civil War update, there is a lonely kactus man sitting on the front left rotor in the training map.