Strife! Lobby


The lobby is where you spend your time in between rounds or when you have died. The current lobby was built by speedydude900 and robonack, Archaic0 is working on a new lobby that may or may not be added. An update to the current lobby is planned to happen in the future.

  • When in the lobby, you can spectate other players who are still in the match if there is one still running using a GUI.
  • The lobby contains a patch notes/update board.
  • The lobby also has a leaderboard ranking players in the server based on their total wins. 

In 2016, a new lobby was made by Mojhar and speedydude900 for Halloween.

There is an underground section of the lobby that contains the coffins of several developers and admins. There is also a hidden black duck that plays an audio when clicked on.

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