Neflhelm [RETIRED]
Permafrost Lake Boss

Neflhelm is a colossal boss that sits in the lake on the map Permafrost Lake, and can only be fought during the wintertime. Upon fighting Neflhelm, the boss fighters are given a 30 second intermission to be prepared while Neflhelm is trapped inside a thick layer of ice. Once the intermission ends, Neflhelm awakens and breaks out from the ice, ready to attack. The players are given 20 minutes to beat it, and if they are successful, they will unlock the Cryo class.

Neflhelm's General Statistics

[Stun Threshold] - 800
[Health] - 3,000

 [Damage] - 200%
[Defense] - 200%
[Walkspeed] - 0%
Ability Name Effect Description
Cryogenic Ray Damages the player

A cyan colored beam that hits the ground and travels towards a player, cutting through the player and dealing 200-230 damage for each hit. The terrain can block this attack.

Impaling Icicle Damages and slows the player A sand blue colored cone that is propelled at a player and does moderate damage while slowing the player down by 10%.  This attack can be blocked by the terrain, however when the icicle lands it creates a shockwave that can still hit you through walls.
Orbital Strike Damages and slows the player A beam that is first targeted at a location where a large circle is placed signaling where it has been targeted at. A smaller circle increases in size inside the large circle and once the smaller circle is the same size as the large circle, the beam activates and deals moderate damage to the player.
Large Orbital Strike Damages and slows the player Same as the normal orbital strike, but has a bigger area of effect and damage. The attack happens after Neflhelm performs Single Impact.
Earthquake Slam Deals high AoE damage and massive direct damage to players Neflhelm raises his fists up to charge his slam. He then swings down and causes the player's camera to shake. Neflhelm deals a massive ~1300 damage to those hit directly by his fists while dealing ~200 damage to those around the location where Neflhelm used Slam. The attack also reduces movement speed by 30%.
Serious Punch Greatly damages players, both by physically and nonphysically touching them Neflhelm draws back his fist, and propels it forward with such speed doing damage to the area around his fist.
Single Impact Damages players who are hit. Neflhelm will raise his left fist high into the air and will slam it down for low area impact, but watch out, just because it hasn't hit you before doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch that just might send you flying.
Crystal Summon Spawns crystals. Neflhelm raises both of his fists slightly above the ground. Then he swings them down into the ground and 4 crystals are spawned in the map.
Useful Tips
  • Each crystal increases Neflhelm's stun by 160
  • A good strategy is to always save up your high DPS moves and use them when he gets stunned.
  • Always keep moving! If you stay still, you will die from all of Neflhem's attacks.
  • Telling people where crystals are can greatly help get them destroyed.
  • With a fast movement speed, walking in a straight line can make almost every ranged attack miss.
  • Always have someone on the map. If the whole team is dead, you will lose no matter how much time you have left.
  • Staying in the middle of Neflhelm's back when he is stunned will enable you to stay on his head when he gets back up.
Classes' Effectiveness

Tundrus - Tundrus is able to damage Neflhelm's armor using Snowball and Snow Bomb to hit his head from a safe distance. This means that when crystals are down and Neflhelm still has armor, Tundrus can continue to damage his armor. Tundrus also has very high DPS with Winter Shooter; when Neflhelm falls down, Tundrus can deal tons of damage to him. Tundrus has issues dodging Neflhelm's projectiles but Warmth helps Tundrus stay in the fight for as long as possible.

Proto - Proto is a good class to use against Neflhelm due to his high DPS and defense reducing attacks. He can fly around with his jetpack to find crystals and efficiently eliminate them, and once Neflhelm is down, he can attack in a burst of damage.

Commander - Commander is great to use against Neflhelm. His buffs can change the tide of the fight and help destroy crystals while also being able to do good damage with his critical point.

Tempus - Tempus has huge buffs to movement speed and damage that can greatly increase the damage output of the team and also allows the team to move faster around the map. Tempus can deal decent damage to Neflhelm and the crystals.

Mechanic - Mechanic can deal critical damage to the stun bar from afar, whether it be in the form of railgun shots across the map (to break crystals), or a Satellite Strike called in directly on top of Neflhelm. Mechanic can damage Neflhelm during Intermission by using Railgun Armor and attacking his head depleting both his stun bar and health.

Major - Major can sprint across the map and use Assault Pierce to get to crystals quickly and to get to Neflhelm's face quick when he falls.

Ichor - Ichor can teleport to crystals when another player is attacking it and can deal high damage on crystals and Neflhelm.



-Neflhelm is a limited time boss, and will only appear during the winter.

-There is a 1:100 chance that every boss fight will be Neflhelm. It resets ever Seigmund boss round.

-Neflhelm returns in the 12.25.16 update, with a 5% chance of appearing in every boss fight.