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Neflhelm is a colossal ice demon that has returned from his ancient wintery slumber, currently determined to wreak havoc and get revenge upon all those that fought him before. Upon fighting him, boss fighters will be given a 45 second intermission to fully prepare for the icy demon's hate filled rampage when he awakens. Players will have 20 minutes to defeat him.

Neflhelm's General Statistics

 [Stun Threshold] - 800
[Health] - 20,000

 [Damage] - 200%
[Defense] - 200%
[Walkspeed] - 0%
Ability Name Effect Description
Cryogenic Ray Damages the player

A cyan colored beam that hits the ground and travels towards a player, cutting through the player and dealing 200-230 damage for each hit. The terrain can block this attack.

Impaling Icicle Damages and slows the player A sand blue colored cone that is propelled at a player and does moderate damage while slowing the player down.  This attack can be blocked by the terrain, however when the icicle lands it creates a shockwave that can still hit you through walls.
Orbital Strike Damages and slows the player A beam that is first targeted at a location where a large circle is placed signaling where it has been targeted at. A smaller circle increases in size inside the large circle and once the smaller circle is the same size as the large circle, the beam activates and deals moderate damage to the player.
Large Orbital Strike Damages and slows the player Same as the normal orbital strike, but has a bigger area of effect and damage. The attack happens after Neflhelm performs Single Impact.
Earthquake Slam Deals high AoE damage and massive direct damage to players Neflhelm raises his fists up to charge his slam. He then swings down and causes the player's camera to shake. Neflhelm deals a massive ~1300 damage to those hit directly by his fists while dealing ~200 damage to those around the location where Neflhelm used Slam. The attack also reduces movement speed by 30%.
Serious Punch Greatly damages players, both by physically and nonphysically touching them Neflhelm draws back his fist, and propels it forward with such speed doing damage to the area around his fist.
Single Impact Damages players who are hit. Neflhelm will raise his left fist high into the air and will slam it down for low area impact, but watch out, just because it hasn't hit you before doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch that just might send you flying.
Crystal Summon Spawns crystals. Neflhelm raises both of his fists slightly above the ground. Then he swings them down into the ground and 4 crystals are spawned in the map.
Icy Veins Marks a player and soon makes them take tremendous damage Neflhelm selects a random player and marks them with an graphic above their head. That player will either take an extremely high amount of damage on their own or split it between players nearby.

During Phase 2, Icy Veins will require more than 3 full health players nearby to survive the incoming damage.

Permafrost Strike Station A station is spawned, and soon does damage to everyone or lots to one player. Neflhelm spawns one or more small "stations" near the crystals nearby him. Players will be required to stand on the station and take a large amount of damage or split the damage between players, or everyone in the fight will take 250 damage if nobody is on the spot.
Icy Eruptions A set of explosions appear from each side of the platform and move to the other side. Neflhelm starts causing eruptions of ice to slowly cross through the center of the map. Eventually, these eruptions will end when they have reached the side of the map opposite they started. Each eruption will knock players upwards a fair deal, do constant high damage, and slow players by -15% for 10 seconds.
Coldhearted Roar !!! Neflhelm releases an unavoidable roar of fury, setting all players to 10hp and instantly stunning them. Ten seconds later, he will use an Earthquake Slam.
Rapid Icicles A set of icicles will erupt, covering a third of the map. Neflhelm summons a set of icicles to cover a third of the platform and marks the areas where he will erupt them from. After 5 seconds, they will quickly rise up, doing a large amount of damage to those hit by the rising animation and does low constant damage and slows if touched after spawning.
Useful Tips
  • Each crystal increases Neflhelm's stun by 160
  • A good strategy is to always save up your high DPS moves and use them when he gets stunned.
  • Always keep moving! If you stay still, you will die from all of Neflhem's attacks.
  • Telling people where crystals are can greatly help get them destroyed.
  • With a fast movement speed, walking in a straight line can make almost every ranged attack miss.
Classes' Effectiveness

Currently Undetermined.


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Neflhelm's easy mode will be available at a 5% chance of boss fight in public servers, while his much more difficult mode will be available only in VIP servers, summoned by official Strife! Staff members.

Coldhearted Roar will only happen at the start of Phase 2, or roughly around 50% HP.