Tips and Trivia

  • Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock.
  • Obsidian is Fenrier's favourite class. (Now his ex)
  • The translated name of Obsidian's weapon, Hashira, is Japanese; for a pillar, column, post, pier and strut.
  • Obsidian is the only tank who is a Mage as a sub-role.
  • When pressing [E] while under 10 mana, you can actually damage enemies if the Hashira hits them.
  • Obsidian was hugely nerfed in Update 3.5.16, the Obsidian Fissure's Explosion damage does not stack, debuffs slightly reduced, stun damage decreased, etc.
  • Obsidian's [C] move used to be called "Armor Breaker" which destroys half of the armor's amount, and any enemy hit by this ability would get decreased defence equal to 40% of the armor sacrificed (so 0.5 defence sacrificed would debuff defence to opponents by 0.2). Changed to Reinforce due to completely opposing the "tank" genre of Obsidian.
  • In Update 11.15.16, Obsidian gained fourth Obelisk to put down and Energy Orb was changed to deal less damage, but it was more accurate and faster.  There were also several more changes to Obsidian.
  • In Update 1.27.17, Obsidian's Fissure deals more damage as well as when hitting an obelisk, Reinforce no longer grants 200% extra defense while rebuilding, - and defense no longer rebuilds passively - and Obsidian's Obelisk Hop is now cancellable by pressing the button again.


  • Obelisk placement is the key. When engaging any enemy, your four obelisks should be placed to cover as much distance as possible. The purpose is to cover as much area as possible with your obelisks for debuffs. Spreading each obelisk out no more than ~15 studs as every obelisk provides armor reconstruction and debuffs.
  • An all too common misconception concerning Fissure is that people try to use it similarly to Icicle, when it's true potential lies in quickly tearing down obelisks for damage and relocation.
  • Obelisk Hop is a good way to move from a place to another quickly. It also helps catch runners as it debuffs their movement. Take note of the obelisks range though, as it can only be placed ~50 studs away.
  • Obisian's Energy Ball can be great for running, use it on an enemy to slow them down and prevent them from following you.
  • Obsidian is the only tank that can kite, use this as your advantage by withering your opponent down before entering melee.
  • Obsidian can deal a very high amount of stun, which can overwhelm opponents.


  • Obsidian is highly vulnerable when left without mana.
  • Classes that can ignore defense (Spectre, Renegade, and Major) can easily tear down Obsidian, since Obsidian rely on his defense.
  • Obsidian can be killed easily when not under an obelisk.
  • Obsidian loses a good chunk of his abilities and damage when no Obelisks are out.