An extremely offensive fighter who's main ability is being able to deal an incredible amount of damage through many multiple hits that slowly brittle down Proto's enemies. With high mobility when in flight and wither down enemies' stats with ease, Proto is virtually impossible to defeat alone without basic training. Despite all of Proto's damage potential, Proto's base damage is significantly low.
Main Stats








Relentless Fighter (Passive)

Proto can double-jump by pressing Space while in mid-air. Costs 5 mana and uses 10 Overheat. Has a 2 second cooldown.

Flight (E Ability)

Toggling the flight of Proto will cause the user to fly in the direction of the torso velocity of the player. During flight, it consumes 10 mana per second, and increases the Overheat bar by 20 per second. Any damage the player takes while in flight will immediately add 20 to the Overheat bar. Flight cannot be activated if the Overheat bar is above 50, or when the user has no mana. The speed of Flight is dependant on the torso velocity of the player. If the Overheat bar reaches 100, then the jetpack will explode, damaging and temporarily decreasing the walkspeed of the player by 25% for 5 seconds, damage by 25% for 12 seconds, and defense by 15% for 6 seconds. That, however, does not destroy the jetpack, it's simply disabled until it reaches less than 50 Overheat again. Having the jetpack explode will instantly stun the player as well. The explosion reduces the defense of nearby enemies as well as staggering them.

Punishment (Z Ability)

Proto does an uppercut, then jumps in the air and spins rapidly, dealing quick damage to enemies. Costs 15 mana per use, can potentially hit up to 4 times, and has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Reaping (X Ability)

Proto relentlessly slashes in front of himself multiple times. Costs 40 mana per use. It also inflicts a 2% defense debuff per hit, and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Reaping can potentially hit up to 8 times.

Critical Stab (C Ability)

Proto stabs quickly in front of himself, inflicting a 10% defense and damage debuff. Successfully damaging an enemy will return you 10 mana. Costs 20 mana per use, and has a cooldown of 7 seconds. Critical Stab only hits once per use.

Etheral Blades (V Ability)

Proto's blades gets buffed with etheral matter. During the buff, Proto's attacks get extra slashes that have a longer range. This buff lasts for 10 seconds, and 40 seconds to completely recharge. While this costs no mana, you need 30 mana to activate.

Click Combo Damage

55 to 63

Animations Edit

Click Combo

Proto CC




Proto Z


Proto X

Critical Stab

Proto C

Ethereal Blades

Proto V

Weapon Models Edit

  • Proto's weapons when unequipped.
  • Proto's weapons when equipped.
  • Close-up on Proto's gauntlets.
  • The top view of Proto's jetpack.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • The definition of Proto is 'original', or the 'early stage'.
  • The jet pack Proto has, along with it's dual blades, Astray Unit, are heavily based off the MBF-P03D Gundam Astray Blue Frame D.[1]
  • The ability Etheral Blades is a very possible reference to the weapons Xemnas uses, which are similarly called Ethereal Blades.
  • Proto is by far the only class that can stun itself.

  • The Overheat bar no longer instantly fills up when you're hit mid-flight. Getting hit instead increases overheat considerably, but one hit is not enough to stop your flight.
  • Flight was nerfed, making his jetpack explode if the overheat reaches 100.
  • In the past Proto used to emit red, transparent bricks when using Flight to represent fire coming out of the jetpack. This was replaced with particle emitters to reduce lag ingame.

  • For a time, Proto was ranked as one of the most overpowered class due to the hateful comments about Proto in the commentary. The reasons for this are because Proto is unpredictable, escaping from Proto is usually futile and Proto is capable of dealing very large amounts of damage at high speeds (~25/sec with Reaping, punishment) making it very challenging to fight.
  • A misconception about Proto is that Etheral Blades increases your damage, but it actually doesn't. What it does affect is the number of hits per click/ability and the range of the attacks.

Strategies Edit

  • You can easily dodge Siegmund's attacks by pressing 'E' while moving back and jumping. This tactic requires the use of mouse lock so if you aren't a big fan of that, you're out of luck.
  • Etheral Blades extend your weapon range, giving you an advantage in distance from the foe.
  • The Overheat bar greatly limits the possibilities for Proto's escapes with his jetpack. Keep an eye on the Overheat bar so you can use your 'E' accordingly, or you will end up being damaged and stunned by your jetpack's explosion.
  • You can use Flight to distract enemies and make them use their abilities (baiting) without getting hit.
  • Early in the game, it's usually best to wait before you attack anyone, since your mana regenerates slowly and your normal combo attacks have a lot base damage.
  • You can fly further by first going diagonally, pressing e to stop, then going straight forward, rather then just flying diagonally. It consumes less mana and gives less overheat.
  • Spamming E to fly, not fly then fly again is a good way to use the jetpack early ingame (When you're low on mana) or whenever you're low on mana.
  • If you fight someone with full mana and all abilities ready, its best to use C, V, X, and Z in that order. It is also always a good idea to use C before using V since C is quite slow and isnt buffed that much by V.
  • Critical Stab is a good ability that can do great damage, which also debuffs 10% of the enemies defense and damage. Using this will always guide Proto to victory, as you deal more damage to them, while you recieve less.
  • Etheral Blades as of now should be used to quickly end an 1v1 fight due to the shortened duration. As of such, it would be wise to pick out high-valuable targets with it quickly (e.g. Abyss in team fight).

Weaknesses Edit

  • While the Proto may be a devastating class that destroys many other classes, it can be very limited if incorrectly used, as the Overheat bar can restrict you from mobility, and generally, Protos do not have much in the ways of Defense.
  • When Proto activates Etheral Blades, keep a good distance to avoid its fury and range, be aware that Proto can still catch up to you with it's Flight.
  • The best way to beat a Proto is by stunning him, although this could prove difficult as its passive ability shortens stun duration. Classes such as Barbarian would easily defeat a Proto due to his high stun rate.
  • Another good way to beat a Proto, if your face isn't jelly already, is to hit them as they try to flee, this method is used to prevent the usage of Proto's jetpack, enabling you to do any finishing blows.
  • Even though Proto is great at damaging, Proto lacks abilities to protect itself from damage. Have high defense before you fight Proto.
  • Slowing down Proto is also a way considering he might flying around you to dodge your attacks, slowing him down can cause him to fly slower and become easier to target when flying.
  • If you're not sushi yet and being served, another way to counter a Proto is to let it use its ult and attack it when his ult is down, although it can easily escape by flying away.
  • Using a dash move (i.e Nether's Precise hit) whenever a Proto uses Punishment or Reaping is a good way to escape where most of a Proto's damage comes from.
  • Disabling the jetpack will remove most of Proto's agility, making offense his only defense.
  • If all else fails, fight Proto from a safe distance.
  • Knockback and slows are the best way to stop a Proto from touching you
  • If Proto's jetpack hits 100 overheat, it explodes, damaging and stunning the Proto.
  • Trick the Proto into using his jetpack, then shoot the Proto down if possible. A good example would be Cryo because using Dry Ice (without Icy Monarch active) will probably make most inexperienced Protos run away, giving you an advantage in attacking.
  • Spectre can take down Proto easily as Proto will not be able damage Spectre's phantom. Proto will be forced to use his/her jetpack to get away. Spectre's combo speed in phantom mode is extremely fast, being able to build up overheat if the Proto tries to escape. Also, if possible, Spectre can use Ghastly Grip to grab the Proto in the air (although this will require EXTREMELY careful accuracy). Then, when the Proto is being damaged on the travel, you can finish him off quickly with Spectre.
  • The jetpack is finicky and can only go in one direction at one time. If a proto is flying towards you, out maneuver the jetpack with a dash, as they will need to change direction.


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2. Maracash73's testing

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