PvP Training Room (Idea based in Strife Players)Edit

The PvP Training Room is something who a lot of Strifers want and whit some work and a few scripts can be done.Edit

This is something who will improve the use of tactics, new combos, atacks acuracy and for figthing purposes.Edit

 PvP Room main purposes:Edit

1 v 1 Duels.Edit

Custom Matches.Edit


Training whit other players in realistic fights.Edit

Recommended Styles of the PvP RoomEdit

Blank Room:Edit

A PvP Blank Room, who gives the players a pure and balanced arena for every purpose.Edit

Naturalistic Room:Edit

A PvP Natural Room, it can be filled whit a grass floor, rocks in ground, trees and probabily a lake who can make the diference into a fight, providing cover,advantage,etc.Edit

Unstable Room:Edit

The main purpose of this PvP Room have to be a obstacle course, helping the players improve his mobility in the future maps of strife(a map whit pillars, walls, towers,etc, can make the diference into a map who your survival will depend into your mobility)Edit

-Pending maps to acomplish his main purpose, you can also do some parkour at Sandy Dunes pillars.Edit

Hill Room:Edit

A map whit the mian purpose of giving advantage or disadvantage at the use of the terrain, this room will provide a hill type who will make the duels be more intense in the use of the hills.Edit

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