Greensteel Genius

I'm Robonack!

I have a channel on the 'Tube.

I will sometimes play as Greensteel Genius [robonack] but not all the time. It confuses people

Things I have done:

If you see me in-game:

  • I do not give out Styles to random people.
  • If there is a conflict between players, I will try to figure out what is wrong and attempt to resolve it.
  • Do not use derogatory language to describe someone in-game; they don't want to hear it and ROBLOX is a kid-friendly game. I will mute offenders, but only after a warning.
  • I may or may not fight you (But I usually will try to cause chaos if a match is running low on time.)

And now, for some pro-tips:

  • Using nether's katana exclusively does not make you good at it.
  • Vulca's ult is bologna and is hard to avoid.
  • If you actually get struck by a Mech's ult that was not placed directly on top of you, you deserved to be hit by it.
  • One does not simply fight Sheep and survive. It's impossible. (Unless maybe you're Frigost or something.)
  • Mechanic is life.

The image on this page is showing off the main aspects of each Mechanic style - since I merged images together. (I probably should have done MG, Tri-Blades, RL, but oh well. Hammers!)

I also think all the "Defense" classes should get reworked cause they are all steamrollers and that doesn't seem correct.

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I spy me.

I like science. Science is pretty fantastic. Talk to me about science ingame if you want. Astronomy is out of this world. Geology rocks. Chemistry is radical. Physics is enlightening. Biology is why I get up in the morning.

(Tungsten used to be called Wolfram and I'm disappointed by the fact that we didn't keep that name. Also Natrium for Sodium and Kalium for Potassium.)

German is cool.

Is there ever a limit to puns? No, there's never enough puns.

How to do arguments:

  1. Try to not use fallacies.
  2. Have evidence.
  3. Explain thoroughly.
  4. Try to not use fallacies.

I like to point out fallacies. Fallacies are fun.