speedyduder900 (Spedurp)

handy dandy link to me profile

Stuff about me:

  • I generally mind my own business when I'm playing Strife!
  • I goof around a lot.
  • I don't use grammar unless I'm serious about something.
  • I usually team with close friends during Elimination and Deathmatch.
  • I don't get mad easily (usually).
  • Kactus Man was started by me when I forgot to remove them while building a map for Black Magic.
  • If I want to make something, I try my best to make it look good.
  • I usually make Youtube videos on weekdays (mostly Strife! related) [clik2go2channel]
  • eyum sanic sped
  • I usually don't respond to in-game chat; whisper excluded, I will whisper back B^)
  • My birthday is on 8/2/1999(gibbi presents pleoz)

Stuff I made:

  • Forgotten Hill
  • Lobby
  • Training
  • Halloween version of Strife!(excluding Spectre and Hallowed Keep)
  • Major
  • Helicarrier lobby/training for Civil War update
  • Current UI(excluding the menu)
  • Permafrost Lake
  • Winter version of Strife!(excluding Neflhelm, Cryo, and Tundrus)
  • Kactus men (also staggerable + stunnable Kactus men :>)

Close friends:

  • robonack (Greensteel Genius)
  • antiXemnas (Shep)
  • Fenrier
  • TheClassyDemon
  • demier3
  • r4x0r2
  • Camerono3
  • Qaeo
  • Archaic0
  • timequest
  • SazErenos
  • Reyne
  • ninjafrick
  • PIasmus
  • me
  • myself
  • and I