Training is a sky-island themed map made by speedydude900.

In training you can train on NPCs called 'Kactus Man', who serve as test dummies.

To access it, just click the 'Enter Training' button in the Lobby.

Halloween Training Area
Music Played

Chrono Resurrection - Corridors of Time

  • In the Halloween Update, the Training Arena was changed to a wilted-like, fenced, grass field. In addition, a haystack with severed Kactus Man limbs appeared in the middle to replace the Kactus Man statue.
  • In the Christmas Update, the Training Arena was changed to a living room (with walls), having a giant Kactus Man Statue holding a giant Christmas tree, surrounded by giant presents. In addition, there was a window blowing in the snow, Santa's Sack, and a fireplace that you can be damaged from, or damage Kactus Man by knocking them into the fireplace.
  • In the Valentine's Update, the Training Arena's Kactus statue was changed to a Kactus Man statue that is sitting, opening a heart-shaped chocolate box. A heart is above the Kactus Man statue over several studs away, shining down a pink spotlight down at the Kactus statue. There was also a rare occurrence of a pink Kactus Man.
  • In Update 3.31.16, a tiny yellow duck appeared on top of the Kactus statue. This may have signified the April Fools Update. There was also a rare occurrence of a yellow Kactus Man.
  • Multiple glitches have been made during Training, such as Ichor teleporting or gaining several tools of the same weapon. The glitches have been fixed and patched overtime.
  • In the Civil War Update, the Training Arena was replaced with a S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier from Marvel's The Avengers.
  • In Update 10.31.16, the training area was once again changed to the fenced grass field.

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