A destructive warrior with a sword and gun. Vulca is a destructive class that is usually focused on destroying the enemy before they get a time to react. Despite how much power Vulca has, Vulca is quite brittle. Vulca has both a sword and a gun which enables both melee and ranged gameplay.
Main Stats








Fiery Spirit (Passive)

Every time 150 damage is accumulated, Vulca gains a stack of Fiery Spirit. Each stack increases the base damage of every move by 1, up to a max of 6. 3 seconds without dealing any damage causes Vulca to lose 1 stack.

Gun Stance (E Ability)

Vulca assumes a stance with his gun out, pointing toward the spot where the mouse is. Upon clicking with the mouse, Vulca shoots his gun, dealing damage and slowing enemies by 10% for 7 seconds. Consumes 8 mana per shot.

Fire Wave (Z Ability)

Vulca slashes his sword horizontally, creating an energy wave that travels forward a long distance before dissipating. Any enemies caught in the energy wave's path are damaged. Consumes 20 mana. Cooldown is 7 seconds.

Fire Field (X Ability)

Vulca jumps into the air, stabbing the ground upon landing, creating an energy field that damages nearby enemies. Consumes 30 mana. Cooldown is 17 seconds.

Burning Soul (C Ability)

Pressing toggles the ability. Costs 3 mana per second and disables mana regeneration while on. It decreases Vulca's Defense by 15% and increases Vulca's Damage by 15%. All attacks dealt while toggled on will apply Afterburn. Afterburn deals ~1.66 DPS in Pure damage and halts health regeneration. Only 6 Afterburn stacks can be applied to each target.

Blazing Assault (V Ability)

Vulca charges forward at great speed, slashing their sword maniacally and creating fiery slashes as they hit their enemies. Blazing Assault lasts for 4 seconds total. Damage increases with the amount of afterburn stacks applied on the opponent. Consumes 40 mana. Cooldown is 57 seconds.

Click Combo Damage

[1 Stack] Sword Combo: 57 to 63 | Gun Combo: 47 to 52 | Last Combo: 76 to 83

[2 Stacks] Sword Combo: 67 to 72 | Gun Combo: 58 to 62 | Last Combo: 87 to 92

[3 Stacks] Sword Combo: 77 to 82 | Gun Combo: 67 to 72 | Last Combo: 97 to 104

[4 Stacks] Sword Combo: 87 to 92 | Gun Combo: 77 to 82 | Last Combo: 106 to 114

[5 Stacks] Sword Combo: 97 to 102 | Gun Combo: 88 to 91 | Last Combo: 117 to 121

[6 Stacks] Sword Combo: 107 to 112 | Gun Combo: 98 to 102 | Last Combo: 126 to 133


Click Combo

Vulca CC

Gun Stance

Vulca E

Fiery Wave

Vulca Z

Red Field

Vulca X

Red Imbue

Vulca C

Power of Red

Vulca V

Weapon Models Edit

  • Vulca's weapons when not in use.
  • Vulca's weapons when equipped.
  • Vulca when switched to shoot mode.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • The name Vulca comes from "Vulcan", the Roman god of fire and metalworking. He obtains his flame-like skills because of this.
  • Vulca's weapon name is Ignis, meaning fire in Latin.

  • When the game was in development, Vulca only had damage buffs whenever Vulca activated an ability. Since it was overpowered based on the community's comments, Vulca then had defensive debuffs whenever Vulca activated an ability. This can also be utilized as a buff, as you can use Berserk Blade quicker.

  • Vulca's Blazing Assault is the one of the only ultimate abilities that can ignore blocks.
  • Update 10.31.16 brought major changes to Vulca.

Strategies Edit

  • Gun Stance is an effective way to build up Fiery Spirit.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Vulca needs to build up damage in order to gain high damage, dodge his attacks and dish out your own damage to gain an upper hand.
  • Due to Vulca's naturally low defense, he cannot rush down opponents without being destroyed himself.

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